Partner Spotlight | Adam & Alejandra Waterman

September 2, 2021 | Written by Adam Waterman

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Adam and Alejandra (and their two boys, Ben and Andrew) are currently serving in Santo Domingo with Empowering Action. Adam coaches local Dominican and Haitian church leaders by helping them identify the physical and spiritual needs in their communities and discover how to meet those needs.

The Watermans just returned to Santo Domingo after spending the summer in Colorado and Texas. Here’s how God’s been at work in their lives since then…

Where have you seen God at work lately since returning home?

The most recent time when we could “sense” God working was on our flight home a few days ago. Shortly after taking off from the Colorado Springs airport, the pilot informed us that he would need to take a detour around a storm, which would delay us around 45 minutes.

Right off the bat I knew that we would miss our connection in Dallas and possibly our flight from Miami to Santo Domingo. The rest of the flight, I thought about the customer service line that I would have to wait in in Dallas. I thought of missing our connection in Miami and how we would most likely need to spend the night there. I thought of how long it would take AA to find and deliver our checked bags to us. I spent time worrying and thinking of what “I” would need to do (I’m a planner).

As we started our descent, though, I spent some time praying and asking God to help us arrive home that night and to give me peace in the situation. As we were landing, a flight attendant sitting next to us offered to look up the gate that we would need to run to in Dallas and confirmed that we would not be able to make it. But as we taxied, she refreshed her phone and our next flight had been delayed an hour!

It turned out that the delay was enough for us to de-board the plane, grab lunch and make it to our gate, but it wasn’t too long as to miss our flight in Miami to the Dominican Republic. We ended up making all of our connections, along with all of our seven, 50 pound, checked bags (Ale and I just looked at each other with amazement as each bag came off the conveyer belt).

On the ride from the airport to our apartment in Santo Domingo, I sensed God reminding me of His sovereignty over all things. He has every one of my hairs counted. I have no need to be afraid and worry. He has control of every little detail and will work every out according to His purpose and His glory.


What are you involved in right now that you’re excited about?

Most of the time, my excitement and joy are the church leaders whose lives are changing as they know God more and more. It excites me to see them multiplying what they have learned into others so they will have a personal relationship with God.

But this week, we are all excited for our retreat with youth group leaders this weekend! We will be studying the first 3 chapters of Daniel, with breakout sessions in groups for them to learn how to study each chapter for themselves.

I’m excited for them to discover for themselves the Biblical principles in Daniel (remaining faithful in a hostile culture, God’s sovereignty over all, etc.).

I love being part of those moments when God’s is speaking through His Word and the believer’s eyes open wide. Those moments bring joy as one hears God speaking, but also sometimes sorrow as God shows patterns of sin and areas of growth.


Are there any other stories or highlights you want to share?

This past Monday, we graduated 17 leaders of the third largest church denomination in the Dominican Republic!

They are regional connectors for the denomination and have reproduced what they have learned (the inductive Bible study method) in 64 key pastors under them. Each one of those 64 pastors have in turn created small groups to reproduce in their contexts.

We have been investing in this denomination for over 4 years and we are excited to see a passion from the top leadership that members in their local churches know how to self-feed from God’s Word and make disciples.

Another highlight for me personally has been to see pastor Eddyson and the other church leaders reproduce what they have been learning while we were in the United States this summer. Our desire is to make disciples that are able to reproduce, so it is neat to see!


How can our Pulpit Rock family support you in what you’re doing? 

Pray that God would give Dominican, Haitian and Cuban church leaders passion for His Word. As they know God, they will love Him more, love others more and make disciples of all nations. That the Dominican, Haitian and Cuban church would be faithful in what God has called them to do.

Pray that God will give us wisdom as parents of Benjamin as we prepare him for his university years. He is a sophomore this year, but we want to do all we can to prepare him to be successful in what God will call him to do.

My car is getting older and is beginning to have more problems. This car has been a blessing to me, but it is breaking down more and more, making it unreliable for longer trips outside the city. I really need an updated, more reliable vehicle, and estimate that I would need around $10,500 (600,000 pesos) to cover the cost.

If you’d like to hear more of Adam and Alejandra’s story and more ways you can partner with them, reach out to us!

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