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November 18, 2021 | Written by Patsy Woods

God is at work in our city and all over the world through the missionaries and organizations we partner with. Learn more on our Sent page.

2021 Pulpit Rock Church CarePortal numbers: 
Requests Met – 948
Kids Served – 2,319
Est. Economic Impact – $790,814

It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers. I have a fundraising background, and numbers matter. These numbers represent sweet little faces, an organization ready to help, a platform connecting, a donor, and a caseworker.

I have been given the opportunity to bless families/kids through Pulpit Rock Church and CarePortal since taking on the role of Love Your Neighbor & CarePortal Administrator a year and a half ago. And as you can see by the numbers, we have been busy.

It’s a double-edged sword… I’m filled with joy because God is working through us to help others. Yet, I wish these numbers didn’t exist. This would mean that there are zero children that need help.

Pulpit Rock Church has the perfect setup to help others in our community every single day by way of CarePortal. It is an amazing platform used by social workers, churches, schools, domestic violence organizations, foster care, and the list goes on and on.

Donors can fill requests posted by caseworkers or organizations to help families in need. CarePortal is nationwide, and I’m so proud that Pulpit Rock was recognized as church of the year in 2020! 

The stories of hardship, trauma, loss, faith, and joy are part of my everyday life because of what I do. Each time a donor gives, I can feel the relief through the phone call, email, or text.

It is a domino effect. Because CarePortal exists, Pulpit Rock became a partner, donors get involved, and families/kids are cared for. This allowed kids to have: a warm bed, home, food, healthcare, appropriate clothing for the season or just the right size, transportation, an activity to be enjoyed, sports, supplies for school, gas to get from point A to point B, visits with family members, visits to treatment centers, treatment for the parents, opportunities to reunite with family… the list can be overwhelming. As you can see, these requests are not anything outrageous. These are everyday needs in life.

My life has changed because of what I do. I see God working through Pulpit Rock Church, CarePortal, donors, and caseworkers. I see lives changed. Not just the families, but I hear a change in the caseworker’s voice who has been stressed about a family, and I hear a donor’s voice filled with emotion because they truly want to help.

I am a witness to hope and faith. I receive a text here and there from past recipients saying “Thank you” for caring. I get updates from a once struggling and homeless parent who has found work and faith. I receive texts saying, “I’m so grateful to see God’s love, thank you for helping me.” There are some who call to say that they still need help. Either way, we make a difference.

Numbers serve a purpose. These numbers are something to celebrate, but it is also a reminder that behind each number there are people in crisis.

I am grateful to Pulpit Rock for being a part of something so amazing and allowing me to serve. We are blessed that CarePortal is a platform that we can be a part of to help families in our community and all over the country. I am humbled by the donors who give unselfishly, and I am amazed at the caseworkers who are overloaded every day with families in crisis!

If you are looking to make a difference… sign up to receive requests from CarePortal. It is an awesome way to fill a family with hope!

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