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January 21, 2021 | Written by Kyle Collins

We just wanted to take a quick moment and say thank you!

Thank you for listening to God and allowing Him to lead you. Thank you for giving to our 2020 Mercy Christmas Offering.

We were amazed at God’s faithful provision in a year where we honestly were not sure what to expect. The total amount given to the Christmas Offering this year was $173,509!

The money will be divided equally into three parts, and every single dollar will go directly to these partnerships.

This means that $57,836 will go towards the fight against human slavery and human trafficking with our partners The Exodus RoadWe get to help them expand their investigations in SE Asia into the Philippines as well as launch an after-care program for young women and men who are over 18 and want to leave the sex industry.

It means $57,836 will seed The Pando Collective, supporting and resourcing local Kingdom expressions all over Colorado Springs. It means we get to come alongside Weigh Out Ministries youth mentoring program, to launch community centers that will be hubs for teens and families in under-resourced communities on the southeast side of town.

And it means $57,836 will be given to 1,000 Lighthouses & Tyre Church so they have the resources they need to continue developing lighthouses that serve refugee camps. These lighthouses meet tangible needs for food, job training and income, clothing, education, medical care, and the Gospel for the estimated 15 million displaced people in the region.

Did you miss our Mercy podcasts? Learn more about how we’re partnering with The Exodus Road, The Pando Collective, and 1,000 Lighthouses:

THANK YOU for putting your faith into action, and for partnering with us to show Mercy. We can’t think of a better way to close out a difficult year!

Stay up to date with all that is happening with these partners and projects.

We also have a special video call coming up next month with updates from The Exodus Road, Lebanon, and The Pando Collective.

Look for the date in February and a special invitation link in a couple of weeks!

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