Neighboring Well While Social Distancing

April 10, 2020 | Written by Thomas Thompason

The other day I was at Costco. Yes, buying toilet paper. They were doing a really great job of keeping people apart, controlling crowds, and wiping down surfaces.

But I caught myself doing something. Not only was I practicing social distancing guidelines by staying physically six feet apart from others, I was also doing something else: Avoiding eye contact. Why?

You can’t catch COVID-19 from a smile.

Why was I was avoiding others physically, but also avoiding them emotionally. Isn’t that is the last thing we need in this moment?

Pulpit Rock neighbors well. We have prayed for, invited over, served alongside, and loved on our neighbors.

How do we do that with the new rules in place?

My friend Dave Runyon up in Denver has created a COVID-19 Neighboring Toolkit, full of simple and practical ways we can still be a community, even during times like this.

In fact, it just may be that on the other side of this, we have become better, kinder, stronger neighbors and friends.

“Right now we don’t need churches to create a bunch of new programs.  What we need is for the people who attend those churches to simply be good neighbors and to do it in a careful and thoughtful manner.” Karen Gieseker, Infectious Disease Epidemiologist PhD, MS, MTS

Let’s be the good neighbors Christ called us to be.

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