The Next Generation

Get to know our Student Ministry & Events

April 19, 2023

If you have students in 7th-12th grades, you may have questions about their role in the church on Sunday mornings and beyond. We believe that parents are the primary spiritual influencers of their kids. We want to support and empower you and are praying for you weekly by name. Please reach out with any prayer … Read more

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Nepal Womens Conference

July 28, 2018

You remember the H.E.R. series. By now you probably have a pretty good idea of how we feel about women. But we’re not just putting women in leadership here, our desire to honor, empower and respect women is reaching around the world.

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We pray to see high school students flourish.

June 7, 2017

As a part of last year’s Christmas Offering, you gave $15,000 to fund the Education For a Lifetime program for every high school in District 11. (That’s Coronado, Doherty, Mitchell and Palmer, in case you were wondering.)

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Meet Bifa

August 10, 2015

Maybe it was his contagious smile. Maybe it was his easy-to-pronounce name in a sea of names that were hard to remember, let alone say. Or maybe it was our first exchange that made Bifa stand out in my mind.

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