Black & White Expressions

April 15, 2021 | Written by PRiSM

What do you learn by setting up 15 round tables in the Student Center stocked with blank canvases, paint and 70 middle and high school students?

That the possibilities are truly endless!

And, even more so when you get our very own Cindy Limbrick in the room to curate the event. Wow.

This experience served as the finale of a series we had been studying in Student Ministries titled, “Do Something.” We had been learning that expressing ourselves to, and about, God is a key part of us “doing something” about our faith. This setting absolutely afforded our beautiful students the opportunity to do exactly that.

Cindy proposed 3 questions to our students that were mostly focused on reflecting on their journeys through the year 2020.
She released them into their own creativity equipped with paint, markers, tape and foam brushes.

And, the results are, well, stunning.

We invited our students to teach us and lead us into their minds, feelings and perspectives. Mission accomplished.

The student gallery is breath taking. Brutally honest. I’ve seen it stop a few folks in their tracks. What a gift to have our students buy into our hope to provide them with safe environments to be honest and express themselves. There was so much raw talent and emotion portrayed. What a blessing to serve on a staff so insistent on students being heard.

If you haven’t yet had the chance to journey through this gallery, located just outside of the Main Sanctuary, DO SO! It is a true can’t miss!

– Mark Windle, Student Ministries Pastor

From our students… 

Forgiveness is an abstract concept and an art form that is a daily struggle to master.

Through this year, I have seen that art form practiced. I’ve seen it done to me, done to others, and done when someone does not deserve it.

Through this year, I have been faced with forgiveness, and decided to hold onto my anger because I told myself I was entitled to it. 

The art project helped me and many others open up our eyes to what has been important through our lives and this year.

We were able to express in a place without being judged or questioned. It was very beneficial to paint, color, and sketch our feelings around friends in a special warm environment.”

– Liam Hanks, Freshman

“It was awkward at first. But then something amazing happened.

We started talking, really talking and creating, without feeling under pressure or scrutiny from anyone. We were free.

I had played games and hung out with these souls for years and didn’t even know their names, and yet, in just a few minutes, I learned things they hadn’t talked about for fear of opening scars that still hurt, and wounds that they couldn’t heal.

Somehow some pencils, black and white paint, and blank paper were enough to open the deep dark crevices within us for God’s warmth and light to penetrate.

For me personally, it felt as though Jesus was sitting next to me saying, ‘See, I put you here in this moment for a reason, you just have to surrender and feel loved.’

Now, to walk down that hallway and see all of the masterpieces, and to remember that night, I feel truly blessed in abundance to have had this brief moment in time to see just a glimpse of heaven, and the fellowship that awaits me if I am fearless enough to seek it.

– Carmen Kolodziej, Junior

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