Introducing… Pulpit Rock Mobile

March 23, 2021 | Written by Kyle Collins

We’re launching something that we’re really excited about! Introducing… Pulpit Rock Mobile. 

Stories, content and conversations to help you journey with God.

We took what we have learned from our church podcast and livestream check-ins during covid and launched a whole network of digital content! Pulpit Rock Mobile is the place to go for all of it. No matter your age, stage, or phase of life, there is something for you here.

Pulpit Rock Mobile is a platform that enables us to have conversations about things that we don’t always get to talk about from the pulpit, so that you can lead yourself well outside of Sunday mornings.

We are excited about the ways this allows us to share even more stories, offer unique perspectives, hear different voices, and expand upon topics targeted toward specific audiences.

When you visit, you will discover 5 brand new and refocused channels full of both video and podcast content – Welcome to the Table, SENT, Whole Care Check-In, Parent Cue, and Teaching. There is lots of helpful, easy-to-find content and resources with more new content being added every month!

We just dropped 3 new episodes on our SENT channel with some updates from our Mercy Offering Partners and a great conversation about a new Pando Collective partnership between Pikes Peak Academy and Humblewood Workshop.

This is something you won’t want to miss. We hope you’ll check it out on your computer or mobile phone and subscribe for the latest updates!

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