Basecamp at Pulpit Rock

September 7, 2021 | Written by Mark Windle

FINALLY! College football season is upon us, once again.

This is, without a doubt, one of my very favorite times of the year. Every year. Antiquated college campuses, with their trees and vine covered buildings, taking on the inevitable yellows and oranges of the “Fall.” The seemingly constant rumble of a drum line. Stadium seating sections FULL of fanatical freshman, alongside accomplished alumni. The marching band. Oh, the marching band. The passion. The pageantry. What a thrill!

I have been a rabid fan of the same college football team since I was a kid. Which, was a VERY long time ago. (Go Blue, btw…)

One of my favorite players from the mid 1980’s approached one of his coaches at the beginning of the season and asked his coach, “What sort of a team do you think we’ll have this year?” His coach wisely responded saying, “I don’t know. We won’t know that for decades to come.”

The brilliance of the coach’s answer was that what would determine the success of the team would lie in what sort of men those current players would one day become.

What sort of husbands, fathers, businessmen, military leaders and societal contributors would they become? I absolutely adore that mindset!

Serving in full-time ministry here at Pulpit Rock, I am consistently reminded that this spiritual journey is ALL ABOUT the long play. And, thankfully so!

I am broken. I am fragile. I am weak. I am desperate. And, often times fearful. Ultimately, I am still in process. I am being ‘formed’. I am a husband, a daddy and now am a granddad. I can relate to the quote by Rumi (1207-1273) that states, “My life may be summed up in three phases. I was raw. I became cooked. Then I burned.”

I have recently come to a confident conclusion that my life is now about legacy, not destiny. What all of this may afford me, in the end, above all else, is simply ‘influence.’ 

Men of Pulpit Rock Church! YOU have influence. YOU are being formed. YOU are still in process. YOU have doubts and fears. YOU have likely been ‘raw,’ ‘cooked’ or ‘burned.’ In light of all of these realities, I am constantly reminded just how important it is to be in community with others identifying in these common ways.

PLEASE consider this short blog today as a fresh invite!

YOU are invited to step into a community of men here at Pulpit Rock that is pursuing Jesus’ idea of being a ‘man.’ Not the world’s idea. Jesus’ idea.

I need this community. YOU need this community.

There are a number of exciting, and unique, ways to be in community with other men. Could be teeing it up for 18. Could be crafting a seasonal brew. Could be comparing notes over a smoker on a back patio. Could be pursuing God’s written Word together on a weekly basis. Could end up being something YOU are passionate about.

Men’s Ministry here at Pulpit Rock is alive!
But, it could sure use YOU.

I know, as well as anyone, the demands on a man’s time, energy and schedule. Would you take just a few minutes to invest in checking out the latest in the life of Men’s Ministry? And then pray about joining us to explore what God has in store for those demands?

This Team needs YOU to be what He has designed it to be. 

MUCH love! And, again, Go Blue.

There are TONS of Men’s events coming up this Fall and some awesome groups to join. Check out all of the ways you can connect with us here!

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