Guys, Games and Grub

January 30, 2020 | Written by Luke Wrobleski and Tim Kippel

Men are usually the last to know that they need connection with other men. We stumble along, trying to figure things out along the way. Never stopping to connect with other men to support each other and work through life together.

As men, we are stubborn and typically refuse change and stepping outside of our comfort zone – especially when it comes to connection with other men.

I have yet to come across any man that has everything figured out and genuinely doesn’t need that connection.

If we can let our guard down a little bit, embrace some small (sometimes awkward) conversations with other men, we will see that we’re all the same – we NEED to be connected and that connection has to start somewhere.

“When I got to game night, I was so excited to see all kinds of board games and video games (even original Nintendo Tecmo Bowl!), and somehow three hours later I hadn’t played a single game. Who knew that a group of guys could just talk about life for so long? I needed that fellowship time more than I realized.” -Cory LaPlante

Saturday night the Student Center was filled with camaraderie, laughter, the smell of pizza and about 30 men from PRC. We gathered together to play games and create community. It was awesome to see men, many of which had never met, connecting as brothers in Christ.

Several men have already asked to do this again, so keep those eyes peeled for the next game night and other events as 2020 comes into focus.

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