Advent 2020 | PEACE

December 9, 2020 | Written by Mark Windle

I hate clichés. Ok, hate is a strong term. Maybe I just really, really, really don’t like them.

They seem slick. Fake. False. Shallow. Just rolling off the tongue with no real concern about how, or where, they’ll land. And, absolutely NOT helpful in a world void of authenticity. You know, “One for all, and all for one” kinda stuff.

For too much of my spiritual journey, I grew to see God’s truths as cliché. Terrible, I know. But, I developed a distaste for slinging Bible verses around, offering no more than a band aid with no adhesive. I cringed at hollow responses and spiritual advice. Seemingly void of depth, understanding, or investment.

But, thankfully, like SO MANY other things, God is working to correct that mindset. He is showing me my wrong. That state of cliché is, and was, on me. Solely.

During this Advent season, we are taking a thoughtful look at Peace. A concept, an idea, a principle that is more needed than possibly ever before.

This is a world of un-rest. It is dis-jointed. It is mis-aligned. Anxiety, fear, doubt, and confusion have all gathered up out front and are clamoring to get in.

But, with each passing moment, a truth I would have categorized as a bit cliché’ even a few years ago, is becoming more and more foundational in my life. God offers a Peace that “passes ALL understanding.”

This incredible gift was made accessible by this Savior we waited for, for so very long. Anticipated for centuries. The Christ child. And, we were gifted the presence of the Holy Spirit, to be a constant source of Peace. This Peace is part of the “fruit of the Spirit.”

We are meant to live with Peace, and be ambassadors of Peace in an unruly world.

During this precious Advent season, may the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit overwhelm us with His Peace. May we first understand that, before we live to show it to the world around us.

From our family, to yours, Pulpit Rock Church, “Peace be unto you!” 

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