Yet… God is Still Writing

April 1, 2021 | Written by Janae Collins

This year had been hard. Disappointing. Even devastating for so many.

Yet… God is still writing.

Somehow throughout history people have chosen the hard, or it seems the hard has been handed to us. As soon as it’s difficult, our human tendency is to question. To doubt. To wonder and then to wander.

Yet… God is still writing.

Broken things are blank canvases of stunning potential.

Redemption isn’t just an idea, it’s a beautiful storyline thread of history.

God is still writing.

Could you write something glorious through me?”

-Author Unknown

This quote was on the front page of a journal I received from a dear friend, one of my most favorite gifts. This journal has offered moments to let God speak truth to me and for me to speak with freedom to Him.

I’m a journal addict, I have been since high school. Come over and I’ll show you my collection, although the writings inside are my most intimate feelings and prayers, so you probably won’t see those. So, this new journal wasn’t just another simple addiction to the collection, it was another invitation to keep asking, keep praying, keep learning.

It was over a year ago when we gathered together to talk about our seasons and God’s presence in our lives. Little did we know the world would go into utter chaos one week later, leaving us still picking up the pieces today.

When I stepped into this role with a heart for ministry to women, my dream was to always have a conference in the Spring. In past years, we’ve done this over two days with many different aspects. However this year, God is guiding us into a simpler gathering over one day.

This day will be about renewing our hearts and minds in Christ, listening to and remembering what His narrative says about us.

It will be about reconnecting with new and old friends over conversation and delicious food.

And it will be about reflecting on the past year and how God has tenderly cared for us in unique ways.

We’re going to make space for the God of the Samaritan Woman, the Bleeding Woman, and Jairus’ Daughter to teach us who He has always been and who he calls us to be. We’re going to spoil you with gifts, maybe even a journal that invites you to press into your freedom and identity too.

Jesus rewrote the legacies of these women with His interactions with them. He could’ve chosen someone else to do it, He could’ve brushed it off. But He chose them because He saw them as created and deeply loved children of God.

His love ran much deeper than the scars of their failures and wounds.

And like these women, Jesus is telling us that our stories He is writing matter. The narratives we tell ourselves matter. The words God sings over us each day matter.

Women of Pulpit Rock, will you join us for this gathering? I believe God has something to say to you.

Here are all the details for the Renewal Gathering;

When: April 24th, 8:30AM-3:30PM

Where: Pulpit Rock Main Sanctuary

Cost: $45 in person, $20 online (the online cost covers a gift bad you will receive)

Questions? Contact Janae

You can RSVP here!

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