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July 12, 2016 | Written by

Okay we’ll start with a little video…

Pretty awesome, right?

IMG_3244This year during Sports Camp at Pulpit Rock, over 75 volunteers gave their time and talents to nearly 100 campers through basketball, soccer, cheerleading, martial arts, ultimate frisbee and theater. Our amazing volunteers were the heart and hands of Christ while they were teaching a lay-up, making a high-V, preparing a snack, and even when they were wearing a silly skirt and a wig!

IMG_3615In past years, Pulpit Rock had contracted with an organization that brought the camp to us; they supplied the leaders and ran the sports training, worship leading, Bible lessons, etc. This year God led us to try our hand at doing it on our own.

Armed with all the talent and amazing people in our congregation – all the athletes and organizers and high energy teens – we had more volunteers than ever before and God brought his blessings to our campers in a mega way. We were able to keep our costs down and invite our neighborhood kids to attend for free!

IMG_3837A few highlights from this year’s camp…

  • 21 children from the neighboring Cragmor area attended Pulpit Rock during our camp through your generous giving.
  • 45 children that were non-Pulpit Rock attenders came to our camp making this event an amazing outreach opportunity as well as a time of fellowship for our congregations’ kids.
  • 5 children made decisions to follow Christ!
  • The Ultimate frisbee kids became the “UFO’s” chanting their name, and donning neon bandanas around their heads.
  • Cheerleaders had fantastic enthusiasm and a great silly cheer about milking a cow.
  • The theater group performed a short play during their final presentation in a modern day interpretation of the story of Samson and Delilah, with the characters as football players trying to win the big game with God’s help.

We’re so thankful for our amazing family ministries team; the children’s and youth leaders were exceptional at coming together and creating a vibrant, fun-filled, meaningful week for all the campers so they were able to create friendship connections and enjoy a deeper understanding of what Christ can do in their hearts and lives everyday.

Written by Lindsay Yochum


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