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February 22, 2019 | Written by Jeff and Robin Gerke

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You recently came up with a unique service project idea and invited our KidsMin to participate. Tell us about it.

A child hugs a teddy bear with other toys spread around.
A comfort kit helps a foster child know they are loved and not forgotten.

We created the It’s Going to Be Okay community service project. Children in our city sometimes have to be taken into foster care. On that first day or night, especially, they can be very distressed. They don’t know what is going to happen to them, they might be in a strange place with new people – it’s certainly an emotional situation for them. The goal of It’s Going to Be Okay is to help them know that they’re not forgotten and that comfort is available to them. That’s where the “Comfort Kits” idea was born.

What are Comfort Kits?

“Comfort Kits” are boxes filled with the following: a stuffed animal (to take care of), a blanket (for physical comfort), a flashlight (to assure themselves at night), markers and paper (to tell their story), and a goofy toy of sorts (something that can make them laugh). Each kit costs about $17 to create.

How did you invite Pulpit Rock KidsMin to be a part of this project?

In February and March, kids in The Grove gave their offering toward the It’s Going to Be Okay service project. Their giving was focused on children in foster care in Colorado Springs. The goal in The Grove was to give enough offering to build 12 “Comfort Kits” by the end of March.

How else were families invited to participate?

Families were also encouraged to participate in a “Build Day.” In mid- February, PRC Love your Neighbor hosted a work day where all ages were welcome to join together to saw, sand, stain and assemble bunk beds that will eventually be delivered to foster kids that have recently been relocated. We encouraged as many families as possible to participate in service through the PRC Love Your Neighbor opportunities.

How can I get involved?

If you would like to join the Love Your Neighbor team, email Luke. You can also join the CarePortal mailing list to stay informed of needs in our community.

Jeff and Robin have attended Pulpit Rock for 13 years and are active volunteers with our Kids Ministry.


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