Pando Collective Helps SE COS Food Bank

June 20, 2023 | Written by Rowland Smith

Pando Collective Helps SE COS Food Bank

Thanks to the Christmas Offering, The Pando Collective was able to help the budget gap for a SE COS Food Bank. Our own Rowland Smith was able to deliver the grant to Pastor Denise Waldon of Colorado Christian Fellowship for their Shepherd’s Pantry. Their food pantry serves 300 families a month on average and several factors have caused several hurdles to their ministry. Food costs, lower donations, and higher need from residents is making it harder to alleviate food scarcity for their families.

Your giving to the Christmas Offering and to Pando helps us to help these kinds of ministries in our city. You can also join the Pando “Dollar a Day” giving fund continue to provide help to those in the margins, as well as launch and support kingdom efforts in Colorado Springs. Goto: to see a short video on this easy way to serve the margins of our city, or email Rowland at for more info.

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