On Grief

September 23, 2015 | Written by Becky Giovagnoni

My dad walking me down the aisle, roughly one year before his unexpected death.

When my dad died at 58, I was a brand new [read: weeks old] mom. In the midst of the new-mom hormonal roller coaster, his sudden and traumatic illness didn’t really register. Neither did his agonizing death.

What did register is that I should be sad. But I didn’t feel sad. I didn’t feel much of anything. (Except guilt for not feeling anything.)

If you’re interested, you can read a bit more of my journey here.

Through this experience, I was unwillingly introduced to grief, in all it’s fickleness and unpredictability.

One of the hardest things about grief is that it hits everyone differently. You really have no way of knowing how it’s going to affect you until you’re in the midst of it. So it’s really, really hard to prepare.

The only thing you can be really sure of is that you will grieve. Life is messy and sometimes it’s really hard.

That’s why GriefShare is such an important, life-changing ministry. If you are reeling from the loss of someone you love, or if you just want to process that loss with someone who understands, I encourage you to give GriefShare a try. You won’t come away unchanged.

We are starting a new GriefShare class on Tuesday, November 8.

If you would like to participate, contact Sandra at 719.440.8411.

Here are a few thoughts from some in our Pulpit Rock family who have attended GriefShare…

GriefShare is a wonderful ministry that God used to help me through the time following the death of my mom. I had so many turbulent emotions, and the weekly GriefShare meetings provided time in my busy schedule to actually start to process them all. The videos were filled with teaching and personal stories that spoke of God’s presence in the pain. Others in the group gave encouragement and support from their own experiences. The group leader offered opportunities for us to talk openly about our grief journeys, and was sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit in directing our conversation. Workbook exercises took us into God’s Word, and allowed the honest outpouring of our hearts to Him. My weeks in GriefShare definitely laid a foundation for dealing with my grief in a healthy way. (BT)

I really appreciated the GriefShare experience because it came from a Christian perspective with fully integrating the community experience of sharing your grief experience with those in our group. Sandra was AWESOME! She had the right skill set, personality, compassion, but a gentle firmness to keep things on track. I continue to recommend the program to people I know who have experienced loss. GriefShare provided me a good start on dealing with my sorrow & loss and I’m so thankful for the ministry. (CC)

I was so blessed to have taken the GriefShare course. It was so helpful to me to learn the principles that were presented and find that my emotions and grief experiences were common and natural. It was also encouraging to be around a group of others who were dealing with their losses and to be led through the course by Sandra, who understood from her own grief journey. I have recommended this course to others who are grieving. (JS)

I am truly pleased that I took the GriefShare class! It was very impactful in helping me to grieve in a healthy way after the death of my brother. The time of sharing was very important in understanding how others have journeyed through their grief. The book work helped me to read The Word to understand how God loves us and hurts for us. Most importantly, Sandra was a wonderful teacher! She has gone through so much herself that she has the necessary empathy to help others through difficult times. I believe that GriefShare has also equipped me to be able to help others through their grief. I have recommended the class to several people, including my parents, because it brings one closer to God instead of pushing Him away. (AH)



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