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October 10, 2022 | Written by Charley Campbell


Surprise! Charley was invited to teach 14 fairly new converts from an ethnic group closed to the Gospel for many years. Charley studied their ethnic group in seminary years ago. They left their country to come to Dakar for the teaching. So God brought them to Charley in a manner of speaking! He taught the Historical Books and Major Prophets and bought some resources for the students as well. Pray for their growth and for wisdom for the Egyptian missionary who started this program.

Moses,Leopold Diouf, Charley

Charley was the “President” for the jury in which two students defended their senior thesis. The two students were Leopold Diouf, president of our Baptist church association and Aloyse Ndour, the pastor of the church we attend.

The jury listens to the students’ presentation of their senior thesis. Charley then announced the results. Both passed and received their undergraduate degree in Theology.

Thank you to those who give through King Soopers; we recently received $368.00.  We are grateful for your prayers and giving which make it possible for us to minister in West Africa.

Charley and Sherry

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