Modeling Worship for our Children

June 27, 2016 | Written by

childBibleThis summer during the months of July and August, we are trying something a little bit different with our Elementary program, Kingdom Kids.

We are encouraging a family worship experience during our 9:00am service. (We will still have our normal program during the 10:30am service.)

We believe the best environment for a child to experience worship is in the corporate worship setting. For these next nine weeks, we are inviting elementary children to worship with their parents. This allows parents to model worship to their children.

Parents, as your child sits with you:

1) He observes an attitude of worship through worship and prayer.
2) He experiences being a valued member of the bigger church family.
3) He learns to be still and know who God is.

This next generation is one where kids text on their phones, listen to their iPod and do homework all at the same time. How will these kids learn to be still enough to hear the voice of God?

One way we can help kids develop a lifestyle of being still and hearing God’s voice is by training them to sit respectfully and quietly during family worship.

In the Old Testament, parents included their children in the Passover so they could ask their parents, “What does this ceremony mean to you?” (Exodus 12:25-27). This was a parent friendly ceremony where parents could discuss worship with their children.

We are providing you with the same opportunity for these nine weeks.

How do you help your child worship?

We will set up a Kid’s Worship Center in the back of the main service where your child will be able to pick up his/her own worship bulletin/activity sheet, pencils and crayons. The goal of the bulletin is to give your child a focused activity during the sermon, while they listen along.

The goal is not to make this a “kid friendly” service, but a parent friendly one. It will be a time where you can enfold your child into the practices of worship–helping your child open his Bible, whisper prayers with him during prayer time, explain difficult words in songs, make sure he brings an offering to give at collection, etc.

What about bringing my preschool children into the family worship?

The Nursery and Preschool will continue their regular programs during the summer. Of course, parents are welcome to include their preschool or nursery age child in worship at any time!

It is our prayer that each child will learn the joy of worship as he enters this experience with his parent. If you would like assistance in understanding why we are bringing our kids into the adult worship service, or if you need help in making this time meaningful for your child, we recommend you read Parenting in the Pew by Robbie Castleman. We have several copies and would be pleased to lend you one.

Written by Katie Beth Huntley, Elementary Director


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