Mercy | 1,000 Lighthouses

November 25, 2020 | Written by Hannah Unger

What is a lighthouse? 

A lighthouse is a structure designed to be a beacon of light. 

1,000 Lighthouses was established by Pastor Mohammad Yamout and Tyre Church for that exact purpose – to be a beacon of light in the Middle East.

As Pastor Mohammad shared on Sunday, this ministry develops community centers that serve refugee camps in 5 Middle Eastern countries. Each Lighthouse meets the needs of the specific community they are placed in, designed to be a permanent protection. These centers meet tangible needs for food, job training, income, clothing, education, medical care, and the Gospel.

After the Beirut explosion, Pulpit Rock was able to send relief funds to our partners in Lebanon. With the 2020 Christmas Offering, we want to continue to partner with and support Tyre Church and 1,000 Lighthouses to invest in helping those who have been displaced.

Just like a lighthouse, we were made to give hope and light to people.

We were created to show mercy.

Learn more about how we get to partner with Tyre Church and 1,000 Lighthouses in this year’s Christmas Offering:

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