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Radical Encounters with Jesus: Talitha Koum

July 2, 2023

July 2nd, 2023 | Mark 5:21-43 | Suzy Bates “Our prayer today shouldn’t be Lord, increase our faith, but Lord increase our awareness of what faith already looks like in our lives.”ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Radical Encounters w/Jesus: Woman Touching the Edge of His Robe

June 25, 2023

June 25th, 2023 | Mark 5:21-34 | Christy Penley Jesus didn’t come to just make people “better”. He came to make people “closer”. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Stories from Within | David Hewett

June 18, 2023

Guest Speaker: David Hewett | June 18th, 2023 The God we serve lives through us and intends to make himself known through all generations? ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Radical Encounters | Widow’s offering

June 11, 2023

June 11th,2023 | Mark 11 | Jonathan Cleveland You are freed from any obligatory giving and you should have a God inspired giving strategy. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

Radical Encounters with Jesus | Commander of the Lord’s Army

June 4, 2023

June 4th, 2023 | Joshua 5:13-15 | Suzy Bates Ideology is driven by fear. Spirituality is driven by unity. ShareTweetPin0 Shares

The Life of Paul: A Year in Acts

May 28, 2023

May 28th, 2023 | Acts | Jonathan Cleveland That was the plan all along – not that Jesus would fix it for us but that we would fix it WITH God through the Holy Spirit. ShareTweetPin0 Shares