Marriage Coaching at Pulpit Rock

November 19, 2019 | Written by David Dunkerton

We’re all familiar with the idea of coaching – sports team coaching, life coaching, music coaching and so on. In marriage coaching a married couple or a couple contemplating marriage comes alongside a “more seasoned” married couple for a period of time to have a conversation about marriage, a conversation initially guided by an inventory called Prepare/Enrich.
There’s no fixed time for these conversations, some last a few months and others go on for over a year. This coaching is intended to provide a marital “tune-up”, to provide a safe place to talk things over. It fits very well with the current emphasis at PRC on spiritual formation.
So, if you’re a couple who wants to grow and strengthen your marriage or if you’re a couple thinking about or planning to marry you may want to consider entering into a marriage coaching relationship at PRC.
Perhaps, you’re at a place in your spiritual and marital journey where you’d like to become a marriage coach. We’d be glad to explore this desire with you.

My husband and I have worked with our marriage coaches for over a year. We have loved our time with them. We started marriage coaching before we were engaged and now they are walking us through marriage!  We appreciate the space to have open conversation and brainstorm ways we can manage conflict. We really appreciate this ministry.  

PRC Marriage Coaching in a sentence? Solid, biblical, God centered advice. Our coaches? In a word… LOVE! 

Marriage coaching was a step of faith that paid off in ways we never could have imagined. Our marriage is stronger, we have more tools to use, and we have lifelong friends and mentors in our coaches!

Our marriage coaches are inspirational; they make you feel so comfortable and have so much knowledge and love to share! 

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How We Rebuilt Our Marriage

We’d been married for about four years.  We had two kids and had moved to Santiago, Chile to serve as missionaries.  We were – or so we thought – mature Christian laborers striving to advance the gospel.  But, under the surface of our seemingly healthy marriage, Mary and I were wrestling with deep issues that we were hardly aware of. 

Becoming closer to each other through God

We started a marriage class at the same time we started attending Pulpit Rock. We thought this class would be a great way to meet couples and build community with good people who are committed to each other and God. What we didn’t know or expect was how much this class would help our marriage.

Understanding our own needs helps us to see the needs of others.

When we met, we had both been married previously. We thought that because we had navigated marriage successfully before, we knew what we were doing and pretty much had it figured out. Boy, were we naïve!


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