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February 25, 2015 | Written by

“We aren’t coming to IF: Gathering to find ourselves, we are coming to lose ourselves.” –Jennie Allen

There were 112 of us. In a dimly lit room, with God and each other, we came together. We represented various walks of life, various seasons of struggle … various journeys of faith. And there was something for everyone.

The table conversations received the most positive feedback. It turns out that while we enjoy hearing inspirational speakers, we like the connection among one another even more.

Prompted by great questions provided by the IF team – we laughed and cried together, shared our hearts, and learned from one another.

Yes, there were great speakers. Yes, there were great table conversations. Yes, there was good food (especially the snack bar!)

Yes, we were inspired, and equipped to live out our part in God’s great story. But even more than those things … we were unleashed.

The theme of this year’s IF: Gathering was “believing in God”, and we were challenged to consider what is keeping us from fully stepping into faith. For some of us it is suffering. For others it is distrust, loss, or unfulfilled dreams.

But we were challenged: what would it look like to BELIEVE? And even further – what would it look like to be unleashed to live out what we believe in – things like freedom, forgiveness, and healing?

No, we didn’t come to the IF: Gathering to find ourselves … we came to lose ourselves.

What will be unleashed in our spiritual journey as our hearts have become more open, more aware of the world around us?

What will be unleashed in our homes and in our communities?

We get to see our seeds of faith grow.

And as we know … a lot can come from a tiny seed.

Read more about the heart by behind the IF: Gathering, and other resources offered by the ministry.

Written by Kristin Gordley


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