If a 17-year-old in 2018 wrote the Psalms…

February 12, 2018 | Written by

silhouette of girlThis past Sunday our Student Ministry concluded a five week series in Psalms. To close out the series, we asked our students to write their own Psalm in their words, using their language. Some wrote their Psalm. Some sketched their Psalm. But ultimately, they were asked to pour out their thoughts and emotions to God. And the results are amazing…

God, I deal with so many EXPECTATIONS.
Why can’t I accept your acceptance and be happy?
Why do I look to relationships,
merit and recognition by the world of what you’ve given me –
of your gifts?
help me to look to you for affirmation and contentment.

You tell us to live in the world, but not be of it.
You gave me gifts to bring music to the world and praise you with dance –
but not ballet?
What did you really make me for?
How am I supposed to use these gifts in a Godly way?
What is my mission?
Why is it so hard?
Everything seems against me.
I do a Bible study every morning –
yet I forget your teachings in the chaos of every day.

you know I need affirmation.
Why do I strive for the unattainable?
Why give me something I cannot have?
Why can I manipulate my own feelings?
…why does it hurt so much?

you are my stability.
You say you are a rock –
be my rock and my confidant
for things I cannot disclose to anyone else.

Show your love and comfort now,
when I need it.


Pulpit Rock, these are your students.

Written by a 17-year-old student at Pulpit Rock


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4 thoughts on “If a 17-year-old in 2018 wrote the Psalms…”

  1. I have the honor to help with middle school girls and I cannot say enough how proud I am of these girls (and boys). These kids are learning how to apply the Scriptures to their daily lives, that the Scriptures are a living, breathing tool for their walk. They are applying truths to their lives that most adults don’t have a handle on. These kids are vulnerable, honest and open. They teach me so much. Thank you for all the adults that pour themselves into our youth, you are all heroes to me!

    • Elizabeth, thank YOU for how you are investing into the lives of the girls at Pulpit Rock. What a gift you are giving them!

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