Ecclesia Austin Missions Trip (Day 1)

March 23, 2015 | Written by

IMG_0001-1200x674We made it to Austin! Its currently almost midnight and we just pulled in to our hotel about an hour ago… Thanks for your prayers for safe travel!

We spent some time during the looong drive today to get to know each other and talk through things we are excited about and nervous about this week. We are all excited to jump in early tomorrow and work with the Texas Baptist Childrens Home here in Round Rock.

IMG_0002Over the next week you will get a chance to hear from different voices and I will be passing around the iPad each night for someone new to blog about our day. Look for a post from Mari tomorrow about our day at the TBCH.

You can also follow along with our trip via photo by following @prcecclesia on Instagram.

I’m off to bed, but thanks again for your support and prayers this week!



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