The Vulnerable

An Ordinary Cardboard Box

November 15, 2017

Cardboard boxes, shoeboxes to be specific, unveil miracles. My friend, Lilian, was carrying some of those boxes in the trunk of an old Venezuelan taxi. She smiled as she looked back through the rear window. Through the dust, she could see another taxi carrying her friends, and like her, carrying more boxes for an organization called Operation Christmas Child.

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Welcome to Hell

November 9, 2017

When I first heard we were going ‘undercover’ with the Exodus Road I had visions of grandeur. I saw myself as Clint Eastwood or Bruce Willis, wearing a ‘Murica’ t-shirt and kicking some serious butt. But instead of being a hero, I just sat with them like Jesus would and shared communion with prostitutes and pimps.

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Walk4Water comes to Colorado Springs

April 16, 2016

WaterAfrica’s annual Walk4Water is a fun, family-friendly event to raise awareness and money to provide accessible, clean water for people living in rural Zambia. This year we will hold our first Walk4Water in Colorado Springs!

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Fostering Hope at Pulpit Rock

October 10, 2015

Brady’s eyes and mischievous look pulled in this “old Grandpa” as the door opened at their home for my first visit with the foster family. They decided that they would call me Mr. Bob and I confess, my heart melted a bit with each visit, hug, wave and hearing them call out “Mr. Bob!”

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