Calling All First Responders

August 23, 2016 | Written by

police carWatching the news is rough these days, isn’t it? Every day, it seems, brings word of another state of emergency, another natural disaster, another terrorist attack, another mass shooting.

But the one thing these news stories all have in common? The first responders. These brave men and women run into danger so the rest of us can run away. They sacrifice a lot to serve our community. We know they have chosen a career that can be tough and often thankless. But while we are grateful, we don’t know or understand everything that first responders deal with. The only people that know this are other first responders and their families.

That’s why we are excited to announce a new group launching at Pulpit Rock …

The First Responders Connection Point

Who is it for?

All local First Responders (Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS) and their spouse/significant other. This group is not just for people who attend Pulpit Rock, but is open to any First Responder. Feel free to invite a friend or coworker. (Children welcome.)

Why are we launching it?

Being a First Responder is a job that involves risk and sacrifice, and the impact of that is not only felt by the First Responder, but the family as well. Being a spouse of someone that serves and works odd hours can often be isolating. Our hope is that this group would become a place where couples/families can connect with other families that serve our city in this capacity and promote community with each other.

So what is it, exactly?

This is NOT a small group or Bible study. This is a community. It is a chance for First Responders and their families to meet each other and connect outside of work or church.


First Responders Connection Point:
Tre and Deb Pinyerd’s Home

Interested in joining? Email for address.
Email Deb or Email Tre


  • Saturday, September 10th | 6:30pm | Dessert and Drinks will be served
  • Friday, October 7th | 6:30pm | Menu TBD
  • Saturday, November 12th | 6:30pm | Bring your favorite appetizer
  • December Connection Time TBD

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