Tiah Ciganek

Easter Sunday | Luke 24

April 10, 2023

April 9th, 2023 | Luke 24 | Jonathan Cleveland Believing in a risen Jesus is believing in a Jesus who has scars God’s love for you has left a visible healed wound on him for eternity.

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Acts: A Decision

April 2, 2023

April 2nd, 2023 | Acts 15 | Speaker: Jonathan Cleveland Have you spent more time letting scripture form that opinion or have you spent more time letting other things form that opinion?

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Acts: Paul & Barnabas

March 26, 2023

March 26th, 2023 | Acts 14 | Suzy Bates Jesus always focused on what was going on inside. Inside hearts and inside heads. And he didn’t let what was going on on the outside, distract him from that.

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ReBible: Ep 4 | Inerrant, Authoritative and Inspired

March 25, 2023

ReBible: Ep 4 | Inerrant, Authoritative and Inspired In this episode, Jonathan defines some terms that often get thrown around in conversations about the bible. We talk about how the bible is divinely inspired but humanly composed and how we can have confidence that it is trustworthy and true about all that it intends to … Read more

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PRiSM Passover Seder

March 22, 2023

PRiSM will be celebrating a Christian Passover Seder 56 | SUNDAY, APRIL 2nd 78/ HS | WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5th Passover is one of the oldest and most traditional Jewish holidays.  The word Seder means “order” because the meal and storytelling are done in a progression. This blend of tradition and innovation conforms to the purpose … Read more

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Acts: The Real Gospel

March 19, 2023

March 19th, 2023 | Acts 13 | Jonathan Cleveland God will not let you participate in your own salvation. Jesus did it all. And he left nothing undone.

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Mercy’s Gate | Get Involved!

March 15, 2023

Who We Are:  For over 40 years, Mercy’s Gate has served the working poor in El Paso County through a variety of direct services including rent/mortgage assistance, utility assistance, bus tokens/gas vouchers, medical assistance, and a food pantry. It originated in 1982 as a network of a handful of local churches in Colorado Springs, called … Read more

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Acts: Trust

March 12, 2023

March 12th | Jonathan Cleveland | Acts 12 Trusting God is trusting in his goodness. NOT trusting that he will provide good outcomes.

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Acts: Barnabas

March 6, 2023

March 5th | Acts 11 | Christy Penley We need an encourager to come alongside us and support us and counsel us and cheer us on…..to give us grace. This is what Barnabas did for Saul.

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78 Winter Camp 2023

March 1, 2023

Winter Camp 78   “It is always a privilege and pleasure to see God work, but there is something extra special about seeing His Spirit awaken the hearts of young people.  A couple of weeks ago some of our team took a group of 7th and 8th graders to Snowbound, a winter camp with 8 … Read more

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