Celebrating the “Special” in Our Special Adult Friends in Pulpit Rock’s New Stage Design

June 1, 2023 | Written by Cindy Limbrick

Creative expression lives within each of us. We may argue we’re not artistic, that we “can’t even draw a stick figure”, however anyone can learn how to express themselves through limitless forms of creativity. After all, we are imago Dei. Created in the image of God. If God himself is creative, (truth found in the first five words of scripture), and we are created in his own image, then we ourselves are creative. It just looks different in each of us.

Art provides a language all its own. When words fail, it gives a voice to the voiceless. Creativity never discriminates and is always an invitation to create something beyond our limited understanding of what lies within us.

Here at Pulpit Rock, we are an expressive community having collaborated over the last few years in various art forms during our Ash Wednesday and Good Friday services. One only has to look around our sanctuary to take in the art pieces created by those willing to step outside their comfort and express themselves.

For our new summer stage design, we’ve chosen to collaborate with a special group of new friends. Twice a month, some very special adults from the Special Kids Special Families Organization arrive at our Love Your Neighbor Woodshop for a morning of creating and the results always land in pure delight and simple fun.

With the help of amazing volunteers, these adults create their own art pieces while their smiles and laughter echo around the walls of the shop. And now, their creativity has spilled out of the shop and found a home on the frames in our new stage design

Any object has the potential of becoming a canvas and a brush tip dipped in bright, colorful paint can become a tool anyone can use to create something special.

And special this new stage design is. The lens in which we look at one another determines the narrative we come to believe about each other. And so often, without even being aware we’re doing it; we can easily impose limitations and labels on each other especially when it comes to those who may look or act differently from us.

Take a look at the smiles on their faces in these photos. Such joy and pride were captured as they were created! May we see these special individuals beyond any physical or mental limitations. May we celebrate and thank each of them for such a fun, creative summer stage design.

Lafayette, Mandy, Zanayah, and Richie… each made in the image of God. Each of them has a story. And their story matters. Thank you for collaborating with us. We celebrate the special in each of you!


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