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May 9, 2018 | Written by

A few weeks ago, our Ask-a-Mom team provided a prize for the UCCS Wellness Fair door prize drawing. The prize was “Dinner with Mom” for the winning student and three friends.

At the Fair, the students could choose, from all the possible door prizes, where to put their door prize ticket. We were thrilled to see many had chosen to put their tickets in our bowl.

We were even more thrilled when the winner called a few days later to set up his “Dinner with Mom.” We chose a date, he chose three friends, and we did this very fun dinner a few days later at my house.

After finding out that the winner’s ONLY request was mashed potatoes, Denise went to work and made a WONDERFUL pan of those. I made pot roast and gravy. Diann arrived with a meatloaf. Tracey came with vegetables and salad. And JoAnn provided chocolate cupcakes (all of which walked out the door by the evening’s end!)

We had nine at the table: three moms, two dads and the four DARLING students.

The evening was full of warm fellowship. The four belong to an on-campus group called Christian Challenge, and it was such a blessing to hear their stories that clued us in to how their faith is already affecting their young lives. Like one of the girls waiting on God (for nearly a year) before walking into a relationship our prize winner. Like two of the guys and their lifelong friendship and growth in their faith. Like another girl praying for the right way to spend her summer.

So thanks to our time around the table, we have specific ways to pray for these students:

  • One student is applying to Med School this summer after taking the MCATs first. He has wanted to become a Pediatric Oncologist, ever since he walked the hard road of cancer with his 3-year-old sister.
  • Another student heads off to Southwest Baptist University to complete a doctorate in Physical Therapy. He says he has a lot to do to get there.
  • Another (a junior in Chemistry) needs to choose between a corporate internship this summer or working in a lab at UCCS.

What an honor and a blessing it was to share a meal with these students.

Written by Nicci Downs

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