Amelia and Sophie

July 21, 2016 | Written by Adam Jardon

We talk often about how amazing our kids are at Pulpit Rock. Well check this out…

Amelia’s Lemonade Stand

Amelia Jardon is six years old. After hearing about the need for money to finish the auditorium, she decided she wanted to help. We’ll let her father Adam take it from here…

Amelia came up with this plan all on her own. The only thing we did was help with the location and other details. Amelia was the boss, Josh was the money taker, Lydia was the lemonade tester and Joseph was the cute baby that drew everyone’s attention to the booth (by crying or being cute!)

I love her heart. She doesn’t understand the concept of money exactly but she does know that $50 is a lot of money. So she said she was going to charge $50 per cup. I told her that I thought that was a little much, she replied, “it’s my stand I can charge whatever I want…”

We didn’t charge $50. But she raised a little over that!

amelia 3I will admit that the Lord convicted my heart about this dream of hers. After she asked initially, I didn’t make it a priority to help her with this. She asked us for several weeks. Then a neighbor girl was selling popsicles and she came to me after and said, “See Daddy, that’s what I want to do for church.”

That was when I started looking and praying for the time to do it.

One day after talking to a friend about their garage sale, the Lord gave me the thought to ask them if Amelia could set up her stand at the sale. Of course they said yes.

So thanks to Donna and Reed Cagle for opening up the front of their house to allow Amelia to set up her lemonade stand. They were great and we felt so blessed by their hospitality.

Sophie’s Bake Sale

Katie Beth Huntley, Elementary Director, shares about another amazing child at Pulpit Rock.

Eight year old Sophie Gerke has such a heart for others that when we began talking about raising funds for the church in Kingdom Kids, she said she was going to do something to make money.

Sophie did a Bake Sale at her community Ice Cream Social.

She was so excited to tell me all of the delicious baked goods she was going to sell and when all was said and done, she raised more than $50!

So there you go.

Church, of the $1.4 million cost of the project, we are a mere $50,000 away from having our auditorium fully funded! Which, because of the matching gift, means we only need $25,000!

[button link=””] Gift to our auditorium fund.[/button]

We have two weeks left to participate in the matching gift opportunity. If Amelia and Sophie could raise $200, what can you do?

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