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December 31, 2014 | Written by

Taking_Root_-_GraphicWelcome to “Taking Root,” a new resource for parents. Whenever you see this logo on our website, notes sent home with your kids, or emails, you will know that some great ideas are coming your way!

Here is our first great parenting tip:

Want to see a terrific website for parents and kids?


GQkidz.org is a fun, safe place for your kids to find out the truth about God.

Questions are answered in age-appropriate ways:

  • “Does the Bible have mistakes?”
  • “How do I know God is real?”
  • “Why do people die?”
  • “Will we all go do heaven?”
  • “What do angels do?”
  • “Is Satan real?”
  • “Will God answer every prayer?”

Join the GQ Kids Club and get a monthly secret word that takes you to games, jokes, activities, comics and more!
You can also find great Parent Help at the Parent HIDEOUT. Join the parent blog on Facebook, read articles on parenting, check out the movie reviews for your kids,learn what new parent resources are available.

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