A Table for Everyone

October 6, 2016 | Written by Merry Taylor

They wanted IF:Table hostesses.

It is a wonderful ministry where women gather together around a table, enjoy a meal together and forge friendships and connection in a safe environment.

It is simple, they said. Once a month, invite anyone. You can do it.

merrytaylorI didn’t want to do it. I had objections. I get anxious with enforced cleaning and tidying up is involved. I can’t control my piles. I don’t like to cook. I freak out when the doorbell rings. I am not the Hostess with the Mostest.

But the nagging continued in my heart. I knew I needed some socialization and maybe some encouragement, too. I thought maybe I should pause and listen.

So I began negotiating with God.
This will have to be on my terms, I said.
I will only clean the bathroom and clear the table. I will not dust the light fixture over the table. I draw the line there. There’s too many nooks and crannies and I’m short. You oughta know. I’m sorry.
I will not make any fancy recipes. I will order pizza. They’ll love it.
I will make coffee.
I will not be responsible for attendance or anyone’s happiness with this project.
I will leave the front door open, skip that doorbell bit.
And I want a dessert maker. Someone who brings dessert to my house, preferably with plenty of left overs. For me.
All I ask of you is that I can find a place, some hope, some encouragement.
I think that will do it.

Okay, I’m willing.

So I asked some people … everyone said Yes!
Turns out everyone was needing some connection like this.
And everyone seemed to be hungry.
I found a dessert maker over at King Soopers.
It seems everyone uses the “just clean the bathroom and clear the table” routine….

And so it began and it grew and is still, as we speak, growing.

God is so good to us, isn’t He? Sometimes in spite of us 😊

So if you are looking for a place to land…this could be it. It’s all inclusive, no matter where you are in life, no matter where you go to church or even if you go. There’s just something so right about sharing a meal around a table, laughing together, telling your stories, hearing someone else’s and learning to love without judgement.

That’s what’s happening over here. There’s a table for everyone.

Interested in hosting or joining an If:Table? Contact Diane.


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