A Stain to Remember

September 2, 2016 | Written by

When God rescued the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, he instructed them to tell the stories. They were to build stone memorials so that future generations would ask about them and they could share the stories of what God had done with their children’s children.

We have “memorial stones” that serve as reminders of what God is doing at Pulpit Rock. Here is one.

I’m Mark. I’m a lover of hats.

With a sizable collection at home, I am rarely seen without a hat on. I take a fair amount of pride in my stock, and am probably a little too particular about how a hat looks and fits.

I have a gorgeous snap back cap I bought while on a trip seeing my first ever home game at The Big House in Ann Arbor, Michigan. MY beloved Michigan Wolverines.

Mark’s beloved hat, now with a story included.

But this hat – my favorite – is stained.

It has a white, pasty almost chalk-like blemish that happened the night our church flooded. While I was walking through the chaos in our auditorium, moving and emptying buckets, sidestepping new leaks from above, and dodging ceiling and drywall, I stained my favorite hat.

In the hurry and hysteria, I didn’t even notice.

I have not removed the stain and the hat has become a great conversation piece. It is a simple reminder of a traumatic event that God used to draw Pulpit Rock together and further instill His plan … His course.

What I have discovered in the months that have followed planning, moving, adjusting, and flexing is that God’s greatest restoration has taken place in me … in my heart.

My life has stains, some glaringly obvious to the world around me. But may I live and love in such a way that others will KNOW God’s goodness, plan and provision.

Just as the Father has Pulpit Rock in His guiding hand, He has a master blueprint for my life.

I am thankful for the scars, grateful for the stains because my blemishes point to Him and all He has done and plans yet to do.

Written by Mark Windle, Student Ministries Director


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