On Sunday we sent a group of our students off to Cortez, CO for the week. Cortez is a small city hidden deep in the southwest corner of Colorado. Our High School Mission Team is serving in a number of activities associated with area Indian Reservations and the local community of Cortez. They are involved in some physical/construction improvements as well as many Day Camp activities with children on and near the Reservation.

First we prayed for them.

students at front of church

Then we snapped a quick photo.

group of students

Then we told them to act natural.

group of students with hands raised

Then we blew them a kiss and sent them off.

students climbing into van

As is our custom on these trips, we collected cell phones. However, we thought you’d enjoy an insiders view of the all the fun. So Mark has asked a few students to give daily updates on the trip.

A quick morning update before starting the day.

Along with serving, our students also experience some local culture. (Watch for a special cameo by Carter Cleveland at 2:10.)

And a Day 1 wrap up.

To follow along with our students on this trip, check our YouTube channel. More to come!


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