Would you like to be baptized?

June 19, 2019 | Written by Caitlin Garrett

At Pulpit Rock we believe baptism is a fantastic way to celebrate and share with others that you have faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior.

Telling stories are a big part of what we do here, and baptism is essentially telling two stories – first that Jesus died and was buried, but then rose from the dead and is alive. The second story baptism tells is that you believe this happened and that you became a new creation when you decided to follow Jesus.

We value baptism because it is a commandment of Jesus Christ. Matthew 28:19 says “Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit…” It gives us a chance to tell that story publicly to others and connects us to a long history of the Church and other believers.

We have a baptism service coming up this summer as part of our Family Celebration on August 4th. If you have questions about baptism or want to be a part of this special day, contact Caitlin.

I was baptized January 28, 2018 at Pulpit Rock Church. They were doing baptisms the week before, but forgot about it and prayed they would do it another week. At the end of the service, they announced that they would continue doing baptisms for one more week, so I got to do it and was the only one that week.

I wanted to take this step because I’d dedicated my life to Jesus Christ on Oct 27, 2017. Everything was still pretty new for me, but I felt that being baptized was the next step. I’d heard Pulpit Rock was doing them in January around Nov/Dec, and wanted to do it. I happened to be moving back to the dorms in college around that time, so had forgotten but was allowed to do it the next week.

It was an amazing experience for me. Suzy Bates baptized me and walked me through the whole process. The application forms and other ‘forms’ were easy to fill out. Communication was easy over email. I’d recommend others start the process about a week before the baptism to make sure everything is in order before the big day.

In regards to if they are nervous or on the fence about baptism, I’d say don’t be. If you’ve given your life to Christ, it’s an amazing opportunity to confess your faith in front of friends and family. The water wasn’t cold and it’s not rushed. They will give you a shirt to wear for the baptism (you have time to change when you are there). It’s ok to have butterflies. I did. It’s normal, but that shouldn’t steer you away from being baptized. You’re not only telling your friends and family about your faith, but the church and, most importantly, God.

It’s just an amazing experience and, if your even slightly thinking about doing it, I say go for it. What do you have to lose or be afraid of? Pulpit Rock is an amazing place to be baptized and are very helpful and informative about the process and what to do afterwords.

– Michelle Cowan

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