What Makes You Special?

July 6, 2021 | Written by Hannah Unger

Two Saturdays ago, our Kids Min Team put on an incredible first-ever KIDSFEST!! A fun-filled, jam-packed day where our kiddos spent the day playing and making, laughing, listening, learning and connecting with God and others.

The theme for the day was CONFIDENCE. Our heart for these kids was to help them discover who God says they are so they can root their confidence in His steady truth instead of the unpredictability of the world around them. A great reminder for all of us!

One of the sessions our kiddos participated in during KidsFest was a creative experience led by our very own Cindy Limbrick. She reminded us that in the beginning God created. And He created us in His image. And that makes each and every one of us special! 

Cindy instructed the kids to pick up the small hand-held mirrors sitting on their tables and to draw what they saw, focusing on all of the little details about them that make them unique.

In the coming weeks, you’ll get to see those awesome self-portraits lining the hallway right outside of the Sanctuary – make sure to take a peek!

While the artists were hard at work, the KidsFest crew leaders got to spend time asking them a few questions about themselves; What is one thing you wish everyone knew about you? What makes you special? 

How often do we compare ourselves to everyone else?
As a crew leader that day, this creative session reminded me to think about who God says I am. I often forget to focus on all of the things that make me special. He created me unique just like He created these beautiful kids unique – and that is something to celebrate!

Our hope is that our kiddos left at the end of the day feeling unique and special, and gained confidence in an identity placed in how their Creator sees them.

We encourage you to take time to engage in and celebrate each of these self-portraits hanging in the hallway. God made each of our kids so special and it’s a delight to help them discover that truth!

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