Thursday Serveday

June 22, 2017 | Written by

Every Thursday PRiSM students are invited to come love their city by serving outside Mitchell High School. They serve lunch to neighborhood kids and then play games and build connections and friendships!

Loving others does something inside you. Obviously.


We kicked off our time in Fun Club today with some good ol’fashioned races.

Two people were chosen for each race.

Everyone ran with smiling faces, no matter the outcome!


Then after the races came tug-of-war.

These kids KILL IT! It was so cool watching all the kids want to work together and go head to head.


It’s summer. It’s HOT. Time for some refreshment!

At the end of each Thursday’s ‘Fun Club’, we all cool off with some yummy popsicles!

Captions by Kennedy Garrett


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  1. Next time someone says “This younger generation…”, I have an answer! Many of those kids have parents who have not forced them, but set the example.


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