Thursday Serve Day Impact

August 16, 2023 | Written by Katie Brown

This summer, our students, ranging from 5th to 12th graders, had the opportunity to serve at a different location every Thursday. The goal was to give our students a chance to see what’s happening in our community and how they can be a part of it right now. We want our students to know that putting their faith into action can happen at any age, and there are so many ways they can join
in the work that God is doing all around them. We also understand the depth of relationships that can develop in unique ways through serving side by side, whether it’s with a friend, a leader, a sibling, or anyone else.

It was heartwarming to witness many of our students working diligently while also having fun and enjoying their time together. As leaders, we observed leadership emerging from several students and witnessed numerous friendships blossoming and flourishing as they served alongside one another.

Throughout the summer, we collaborated with organizations such as Family Life Services, Care and Share, Life Network, Crossfire Ministries, Love Your Neighbor (Humblewood woodshop), COS I Love You (Backpack
bash), Hope and Home, as well as two families in need of assistance with various projects. It was a privilege to come alongside the work that God is already doing in our community. Our students did a fantastic job of diving right into whatever task was at hand and putting in hard work each week. We had the opportunity to gain insights into the challenges faced by many of our neighbors in the city and how these organizations are dedicated to providing support and assistance in those situations.

As our students return to school and engage in their other activities, we hope that these experiences will help them recognize the needs around them and enable them to love people in a way that reflects the example set by Jesus.

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