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tap-es-try [tap-uh-stree] n. – a fabric woven together by hand to produce a rich and complex design, often consisting of multi-colored threads
At Pulpit Rock we are honored to have a growing population of families who are somewhere on the journey of foster care and adoption. This is a group of families that believe that God is doing something truly incredible as He forms their family and transforms their lives.

As a church, we want these families to know that they are seen and valued and we want them to have opportunity to connect with others who facing these similar and unique challenges in blending their families.

And so the new ministry of Tapestry was launched­.

At a recent luncheon we hosted for foster adopt families, Thomas encouraged these families by saying, “I think God’s heart breaks when it comes to the orphan. God chose one term above all others to describe his relationship with us, and that is Father. So to see the fatherless must grieve His heart. So we are learning to be a church that shares that heart, just as we are learning how to support those who have been called to foster or adopt.”

Recently a small group formed from this ministry. This group meets every Sunday morning during the second service and is designed to provide a loving, supportive, and authentic community that encourages families wherever they are in their foster or adoption journey.
(Please contact Angie Theda with any questions or to get involved with this group.)

What a powerful thought that God weaving different pieces of thread into a beautiful tapestry! And we are blessed that He is doing just that with the many foster and adopt families here at Pulpit Rock.

We are excited to learn how best to serve, love, and partner with these families.

Written by Molly Thompson

Connect with Molly Thompson if you are a foster/adopt family with needs or you have a heart to serve these families.


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