Sports Camp starts tonight. Would you pray with us?

June 17, 2019 | Written by Molly Windle

Will you join us in prayer?

Will you be praying for the 100 kids registered from 62 families? That they would see Jesus in everything we do this week! That they would fall in love with following Him!

Will you be praying for the over 70 volunteers of high schoolers and adults that we have serving our kids this week? That they would have a surplus of energy and wonderful connections and conversation with their kiddos.

Will you be praying for our 22 Week on Mission middle school students? That they would find their lives as they give it away this week.

Will you pray for the 9 foster kids joining us this week? That they would see extra measures of love and belonging here…and that their foster families would feel the same.

Will you pray for the 21 non-PRC families taking part in Sports Camp with us this week? That our hospitality would leave lasting impressions on them as they taste and see what God is doing.

Thank you.
We love you.

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