School Backpacks are Good Theology

June 24, 2020 | Written by Rowland Smith

Those of us who walk in church and religious circles can often get caught thinking that “good theology” always points to high thoughts about scripture or spiritual sounding doctrines. However, theology (what we believe about God) is sometimes hidden in the simplest places. Wasn’t that what Jesus was showing us many times when he fed the hungry, sat at tables with those in the margins, loved the unlovely, and spent time with children?

There are times when theology deserves debate, high discussion, and deep thought, but often I need my own reminder that simple acts of goodness and love are ironically the deepest theological action I can take. There are times I need to close the books, stop the debate, and just focus on one act of love toward another person.

Love God, Love Neighbor
Many of us know that when faced with the whole of God’s law, being prodded to pick his favorite doctrine, Jesus boiled the whole of scripture down to two simple things: Love God and love your neighbor. When asked what it meant to love your neighbor Jesus told a simple parable of a Samaritan man, a man of different ethnicity and belief, stopping to help another human who had been beaten and robbed. Ironically, others including the most religious, were visibly passing him by. Jesus pointed to this story as the ultimate example of loving your neighbor. Love was not a feeling, it was a verb. This was Jesus’ definition of love: don’t pass someone by that needs you.

Sometimes the best communication to others about Jesus comes in tangible ways, things you can touch, feel, and give to someone. These things can become an example of God’s kingdom as well as your love to them. We are faced right now with an opportunity for one of those times where a simple action can show a tremendous amount of love.

Backpack Bash 2020
COSiloveyou, in partnership with Pikes Peak United Way, is doing the Backpack Bash 2020. This is an effort to collect school resources, pens, paper, and supplies to thousands of El Paso County children before the next school year starts. Did you know there are over 10,000 children in El Paso county alone that are in need of basic school supplies? You can be a solution for a child. When you give a backpack to a child, you’re doing more than just providing supplies, you are practicing good theology. You’re giving a taste of the Kingdom by loving your neighbor. You are telling the parable of the Good Samaritan in real time. When we give a backpack, we’re working faith muscles that need to be worked, not just our theological brains but our theological practice. I know I need this workout and I hope you’ll join me exercising for the good of God’s kingdom.

I know, a backpack doesn’t seem theologically weighty to faith, but I would encourage you that you’re actually taking a BIG step of faith. You’re saying to a neighbor, “I love you.” You’re not passing on the other side of the road but stopping to help.

Read more about becoming a part of Backpack Bash 2020! Every backpack matters, join us!

Drop off your donations in the collection bin in the airlock at the east doors of our building. If you prefer, we can arrange to pick them up from you. Email Rowland to arrange pickup.

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