Re-Launching Kids Min

August 4, 2020 | Written by Molly Windle


What a season we have been navigating.

My heart has been heavy for your family as you have had to push pause on so many normal activities, everyday experiences, and special life events the last several months. As you have engaged in hard conversations with your kids about the state of our world. And my heart is especially tender towards our kids–as they adjust to new normals, and as some are dealing with anxiety and fear, and feelings of insecurity.

But God has been showing me in the midst of all this that there are gifts to be found in this season. One of those gifts is the opportunity for our kids to really see, experience, and believe that “church” can happen anytime and anywhere—that their relationship with Jesus can independently thrive outside of these walls.

This is a realization that came far later than I would have hoped in my own faith journey. In fact, experiencing God in everyday worshipful moments is something I continue to have to be intentional about. Growing up in the church and working most of my adult life in ministry, I find myself far too often putting God in a box. A box that is most easily accessed when I’m in the familiar surroundings of my church walls.

But through this season God has been kind, and patient, in reminding me that when all the “normal”, and routine, and the comfortable is stripped away… He is the constant.

He is the sure thing. He is always at work.

This season has been hard, but it also has afforded me experiences with God that have been so personal, and new. And it has been such an encouragement to hear stories of our kiddos experiencing God in fresh new ways too! My heart has been delighted in the stories you’ve shared about your kids relying on God in new ways, worshipping Him through new expressions, and serving His people in creative ways during this season.

Our Generations Team here at Pulpit genuinely believes and says this all the time—“What happens at home is actually more important than what happens at church”. Dear parents, you are actually the greatest spiritual influence in the life of your child! And you are doing a great job.

From March through June I had the privilege of “meeting” with your kids via Tune-in-Tuesday each week as we tried to foster some connection and encouragement.

A phrase that tumbled out of my mouth on the first video we shot waschurch is not just a building—we can experience church and Jesus, anytime and anywhere”— this was a reminder to my own heart, just as much as it was a reminder to theirs. I repeated that phrase in each week’s video from then on, as it became my desperate prayer for our kids and your family. That this season would leave them with a foundation of faith that was fresh, firm, and resilient. And I can see God faithfully at work in this prayer.

As much as I wish that as I type this, we were at the end of this season and these were truly reflective thoughts, the fact is, we are all still in the midst of some pretty big unknowns.

As a Generations Team we meet weekly to plan, dream, pray, and prepare for the coming steps in our programming and ministry. And we are so eager to start re-gathering—we have missed you dearly.

In Kids Min we began some first steps last month as we opened up care in our Nursery. And this coming Sunday, August 9th, we take another step as we open up Kids Min programming for our preschool and elementary age kiddos.

We are passionate about serving your family in the very best of ways as we take these steps in re-gathering. Read about our thoughtful program modifications and enhanced steps of safety and sanitation.

We know that not every family will make the same decisions, but we want to support you as you make the ones that are best for yours! If you are ready to join us, we are ready to have you!

You can reserve your child’s programming spot by RSVPing here. We are determined to serve your family in the best of ways in these days and we are praying that whatever choice you make for your family in the days and months to come, your kids will continue to experience God in fresh, personal ways.

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