Raising a Princess

April 19, 2016 | Written by

Five and a half years ago my whole world changed course – my calling, my priorities, my fears, my dreams. My life as I knew it no longer existed and I was launched headfirst into the unknown. I became a parent.

CaraBeckyIn the last five years, one of the things that has most overwhelmed me is knowing how to help my daughter navigate this messy, broken, hurting world. This world is horribly hard on girls, and our culture screams its destructive messages at the top of its lungs.

Eating disorders. Peer pressure. Depression. Suicide. Cutting. Mean girls. Competition. Social media. Bullying. Teen pregnancy. Underage drinking. Drugs. Human trafficking.

When I consider all the “what if’s” I realize how terrifying it is to raise a girl in the midst of all this.

But then I remember how God uses his people to be a light in all this darkness.

And you guys, there’s this amazing thing happening at Pulpit Rock.

Our teenagers have taken it upon themselves to create an event for our young girls. A Princess Party. So they know they’re loved. To make them feel like princesses. To show them the TRUTH about who they are and how God sees them. They’ve put a ton of work and planning into this event. (And seriously, how many teenage girls do you know would do something like this?)

I think about the message that these older girls are giving my young daughter and how it opposes the messages the world is throwing at her, and I just want to cheer.

Pulpit Rock, you should be PROUD of our students.

They are astounding.
And moms and dads of young girls, don’t let them miss this party.
Saturday, April 30th | 1:45pm-4:00pm | Gathering Place
RSVP now.

This video is from last year’s event and will give you a glimpse of what’s coming.

But I’m sure we won’t see the true, lasting impact for years to come.

Written by Becky Giovagnoni


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