PRSM Summer … It’s a Wrap!

September 7, 2016 | Written by

What a thrilling summer season our Student Ministry had!

In Student Ministry we have been working hard to embrace Pulpit Rock’s values of sharing the most helpful truths, creating welcoming environments, and partnering with God in His work in our community.

Enter Thursday Serve Day…

20160728_134055 (003)Each Thursday throughout the summer we had our students, your students, on Mission! We partnered with a group that serves in the neighborhood surrounding Mitchell High School. School District 11 sent a food truck to Mitchell each day to serve free lunch. On Thursdays we were blessed to be able to run a time of recreation and games for the school aged children after they ate lunch. During that 45 minute time frame, our high school students played games with the children, and often times led the games themselves.

Sarah Beebe shares her hula hooping secrets.

We were able to form friendships with the neighborhood children, their families, the D-11 staff and program leaders. (We miss them already!) It was such a joy to see our students reach beyond, and outside of, themselves to serve others.

As you look through the photos of Thursday Serve Day and the beautiful people we interacted with, would you pray for all facets of the program?

  • That God would speak to, and protect, those precious children?
  • That God would bless our teens for their faithfulness?
  • That God would continue to call His children to service in that neighborhood?
  • And that HE would be glorified by it all!

We are calling it a big success. But don’t just take our word for it. Stacy Adair (Lead ESL Teacher, Wilson Elementary School, D-11) also had a few things to say…

“Wow, the Students of the Pulpit Rock Youth Ministry ROCK! Without them this summer I don’t know if Fun Club would have continued.

In April we found out we were losing access to our location and in May found a new location at Mitchell High School, outside. We had about four volunteers, but our outdoor game person wasn’t going to be available for the summer.

The Pulpit Rock students came and RAN every fun club this summer. They talked to kids who were eating their free lunch and they set up and played games with them. They got a chance to talk to kids and started developing relationships with them. Of course, they have a fantastic and unique leader and example in Mark Windle. Mark doesn’t seem to notice any obstacles. Somehow he could include in the same game together with a three year old and a high schooler.

The Pulpit Rock students were a little shy at first, but by the end they were getting comfortable with the kids and recognizing students as well as forming relationships. The students were servants in several specific ways. Students helped pass out flyers in nearby apartment complexes. They asked kids their names and made name tags. They, of course, played games with the kids. Some of the kids would take younger kids aside and do something with them so that the older sibling could have some fun play time.

Some students picked up trash so we left Mitchell High School better than we found it. I am sure other things occurred that I didn’t actually witness.

One thing I know for sure is that God orchestrated this coming together of Pulpit Rock students and Kids Fun Club. I am so excited to see what God has in store for all of us! I am so thankful to God first for his provision for his kids. From the beginning, this has been God’s Fun Club. I am also thankful to Trent Glaser for volunteering with us over the last year and then connecting us with Pulpit Rock Church. For sure I am thankful for Mark and the students and their enthusiasm. What a great chain of events. I am thankful for everyone’s part.”

This summer in PRSM was certainly one for the books, in large part because of Thursday Serve Day. Pulpit Rock, isn’t it fun to watch God at work in Colorado Springs and in the hearts of our students?


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