PRiSM Passover Seder

March 22, 2023 | Written by Christy Penley

PRiSM will be celebrating a Christian Passover Seder

56 | SUNDAY, APRIL 2nd


Passover is one of the oldest and most traditional Jewish holidays.  The word Seder means “order” because the meal and storytelling are done in a progression.

This blend of tradition and innovation conforms to the purpose of the celebration: to tell the story of God’s actions in history in a way that brings it out of the past and makes it a present reality for everyone in the community, young and old, as if they personally are part of the story.

The Passover has been termed one of the most effective teaching tools ever devised, as it appeals to all of the senses and involves everyone to tell the story of God. As Christians, there is so much to learn from as this was the last meal before Jesus died and became our sacrificial lamb.  

Students will have an opportunity to “taste” the Passover (lamb, matzah, horseradish, grape juice, etc.) as well as hear the story from Exodus of the Jewish people leaving slavery in Egypt.  This is all tied to Jesus ultimately being our sacrificial lamb and ultimate Savoir from the slave of sin.  

We are so excited to have your children join in on this experience,


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