Partner Spotlight | Zoran & Dada Radojević

January 18, 2022 | Written by Zoran & Dada Radojević

With our Partner Spotlights, we get to highlight how God is at work in this city and all over the world through the partners we support!

We’re excited to introduce some of our new partners… Zoran & Dada Radojević! They work with Cru Serbia in cooperation with local churches to establish spiritual movements of faithful disciples in Serbian cities and villages. They have also become members of Bikers for Christ in order to share Bibles and spread the gospel to bikers in Serbia.

Here’s a bit about them and how they got involved with Cru Serbia and Bikers for Christ…

How did you get involved with Cru Serbia? 

I (Zoran) was born in Negotin, Serbia, and I worked as a driver for a furniture company. In 1999, I gave my life to Christ. After getting married in 2000, Dada and I went to Bible school for one year, which was a big challenge for us. My parents were not believers, so my father went with a gun to talk to our pastor because he wanted to stop us from going to Bible school.

In 2003, I began to volunteer with the JESUS Film, showing the movie in different churches. And in 2006, Dada and I began to focus on training people to have a personal ministry of evangelism and discipleship in six cities in Serbia. Over the next eight years, more than 120 people have completed the training in 15 towns around Serbia!

Last year we began a new training program called Multiplying Churches and Communities (MC2). Our goal is to plant multiplying house churches throughout Serbia.

I (Borislavka—my nickname is Dada) was born in Mrkonjic Grad in Bosnia. I lived there until I was 18 years old, but because of the war, I came to Serbia as a refugee.

In 1999, I received Christ. My sister gave me a Bible and I spent a lot of time reading it. I didn’t know any other Christians, but I knew who God was from His Word. My prayer and desire was that God would use me. I met Zoran and we got married in 2000. Then I had the chance to work in the church with children!

Through these years, I supported my husband in his ministry. In 2010, we received an invitation to start full-time ministry with Cru. I was very happy because I would be able to work together with my husband in the ministry and the rest of our ministry team in Serbia. Now, I am preparing to work with couples in the ministry. I am happy to help other couples in my country have healthy marriages for the sake of their families.

Zoran and I now have three children: Marko, Lidia and Milan and live in Eastern Serbia.


What led you to become members of Bikers for Christ? 

It is our prayer and desire to spread the gospel and distribute Bibles among bikers. For several years, I dreamed and dreamed and finally God opened the door. Because of the generosity of our partners, I was able to buy a 650 cc Yamaha Drag Star. 

Dada and I are officially members of the international Christian biker organization, Bikers for Christ. My goal and desire is to attend motorcycle rallies and meet new people and make new biker friends. May God open the door for sharing the Bible and reading the gospel. Pray that God will protect and guide us to give us wisdom and words as we serve Him!


What are some highlights from your time with Bikers for Christ?

A while ago we met and established a good relationship with Vasa, the leader of a local motorcycle club.

We had agreed to do several projects with Vasa and his wife Katarina. They helped us organize a distribution of Christmas shoeboxes for kids. The whole event was covered by a local TV station, which promoted everything on the news. It was positive publicity for us in the local community.

 We were able to distribute the shoeboxes in three villages: Radujevac, Prahovo and Rajac. In all our years of distributing shoeboxes at Christmastime, we have never worked in those villages before. 


How can our Pulpit Rock family be praying for you?

We are trusting God for the spiritual transformation of our country — that Serbia will become a godly nation and will be a blessing for other nations.

Our goal is to have spiritual movements of faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who will influence society in cities and villages in Serbia. Please pray that those we come in contact with in the motorcycle clubs will hear the Gospel and come to faith!

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