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December 27, 2021 | Written by Salvation Army Teams

Teams from Pulpit Rock have been preparing and serving meals to over 150 hungry men, women, and children at the Salvation Army shelter every month for over a decade

Through our Meal Teams, we get to join with the Salvation Army in their mission to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination!

Brenda White shares her experience serving with one of these Salvation Army Meal Teams…

“Our small group has been making and serving a meal at the Salvation Army for over 15 years. I first got involved when friends in our Sunday School class asked for help preparing food for the shelter. There was a need for more groups to sign up to bring a meal once a month, so we asked our small group, who generously said yes. Everyone loved that the whole family could participate and help serve the meals. Our youngest enjoyed serving the dessert, and the residents loved seeing a sweet young face at the end of the serving line. As young families, we decided to serve every other month, which has allowed us to continue for all these years without burnout.

Our families are not so young anymore, but the joy we get from interacting with the people at the shelter is just as strong. Each one of us has come to see the people at the shelter as individuals whom God loves dearly. I’ve had the privilege of bringing several women to Pulpit Rock and gotten worship with them as sisters-in-Christ. Our children have brought books and toys to share with the children at the shelter, and they have learned the joy of serving others. I love getting to be the “mom” who goes around pushing more food on the guests. My heart just about bursts when they tell me they can’t eat another bite and how satisfied they are.

The greatest joy is when a person bravely shares their struggles and allows me to pray with them. To be honest, making a meal for 150+ people can be physically tiring, but our spirits are so energized each time we serve. We know that this is where God wants us.”

– Brenda White 

Something our Salvation Army Meal Teams do every Christmas is deliver cozy socks and toiletry items along with the meal…

Last year, because of your generosity, they delivered 330 pairs of socks and $120 worth of much needed shampoo and lotion bottles.

This year, the Meal Teams received over $500 in donations towards socks for kids and adults, and just delivered them last weekend!

Here’s a thank you from the teams...

“Thank you, Pulpit Rock Church, for donating to our Salvation Army sock ministry. All the men, women and children who received them were delighted and very appreciative. There were lots of socks leftover for future use as well.

We couldn’t give so generously without Pulpit Rock’s contribution!”

– Natalie Shellhouse and the Dunkerton/Hupfer Teams

If you’re interested in joining one of Pulpit Rock’s Salvation Army Meal Teams, or want to learn more, contact Caitlin.

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Because of your generosity, we delivered 330 pairs of socks and $120 worth of much needed shampoo and lotion bottles to the Salvation Army!

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Several teams from Pulpit Rock serve meals at the Salvation Army shelter every month: “Our small group wanted to find a way to serve, and providing a meal for Salvation Army fit perfectly. We are able to bring our families to serve and grow together. We have enjoyed doing this for over ten years.”

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