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September 21, 2021 | Written by Jason Dilger

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Mercy’s Gate is an amazing non-profit that Pulpit Rock partners with here in the Springs! They operate a food pantry and provide assistance with things like rent and utilities, transportation, clothing, and medical needs. Here’s an update from Jason, the organization’s Executive Director…

Where have you seen God at work lately at Mercy’s Gate?

The biggest thing is consistently witnessing the Father’s faithfulness in bringing the hope of Christ to our neighbors’ crisis. So many of the neighbors we serve come in broken, feeling the weight of the world, hopeless, depressed; and when they leave here, they walk out with a hopeful perspective and vision to get through this tough time.

We recently received a thank you note from a woman who was facing homelessness due to circumstances beyond her control. After seeking services from Mercy’s Gate, she is settled and working again after a year!

“Dear Mercy’s Gate Team,
I send this simple note of thanks to you for all of the love, prayer and support you gave to me and my family during the rough season we have been in. I have been deeply humbled by your service to us and to others in the Springs and I want you to know how grateful I am. The kids and I are doing much better—I am working again in my profession as a lawyer and my kids are growing and thriving even as we work through our emotions and thoughts about the major changes in my marriage and our home life. Please pray for me to have continued strength for all that lies ahead. I am heartbroken but hopeful that the Lord sees and knows all. He will work things out so that He is glorified. I will be praying for you all and the wonderful work that Mercy’s Gate is doing. And as I can lend myself to you once things settle, and as God gives time, I look forward to partnering with you to help others.”


What’s happening at Mercy’s Gate right now that you’re excited about?

Last month we opened the ministry back to full capacity and are engaging with our neighbors as we did before Covid hit! It’s been such a blessing to love, listen, and meet our precious neighbors where they are at in their crisis and meet their needs by offering relief, the hope of the Gospel, and give them vision for restoration. This is exciting for us as we are a highly relational ministry that intentionally engages in the lives of our neighbors.

We also just received a grant this month that is allowing us to offer more housing and utilities assistance to our neighbors! This assistance can go up to $2,000 per neighbor, where otherwise we were able to go up to $300.

We are in the beginning stages of planning and building capacity to potentially offer an additional day a week of our direct services to our neighbors. This would take additional funding, volunteers, and resources; however, we are excited to dream with the Lord and follow His leading with this possibility to help even more of our neighbors in need.


Are there any ways Pulpit Rock can come alongside you in what you’re doing? 

Pray for us. We are engaged in the front line needs of our neighbors caring for their financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. Prayer support is coveted as we stay on mission to bring Christ in the crisis that so many of our precious neighbors are facing in this season.

Here are some more ways to get involved with Mercy’s Gate:

1. Consider providing food donations to our food pantry. Here are the food items we currently need.

2. Volunteer with our ministry. Learn about what this looks like.

3. Prayerfully consider giving financially to our mission. We are seeing an increase in need, and with two agencies closing down last year that were doing similar work to that of Mercy’s Gate, we now serve all of El Paso County. We have a lot of ministry opportunities to meet the financial, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs that our neighbors are experiencing.

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