Marriage Coaching

You don’t have to be great at marriage, you just have to be great at YOUR marriage.

What is Marriage Coaching?

A two-on-two relationship between a "more seasoned" married couple at Pulpit Rock and a couple interested in learning from their experience and wisdom. Our team of married couples (coaches) is fully trained and under the pastoral oversight of Jonathan Cleveland. Each couple comes alongside a premarital or married couples to guide them towards a marriage fully centered on Christ. The couples meet regularly for relationship and helpful conversation about marriage.

Why do I need a Marriage Coach?

We share this life together in the context of transparent, life-giving relationships. We are created, known, wounded, and healed in the context of our relationships, and we believe that the marriage relationship is one where we can grow in courageous vulnerability, where the life of God can mature and be expressed. We also believe that we are messy, that life is messy, and that sometimes a couple can benefit from connection and conversation with others on the same journey.

Is Marriage Coaching for You?

Everyone on Pulpit Rock’s Marriage Coaching team is passionate about marriage, both their own and others and are committed to the time, effort and prayer that goes into the work of coaching. Our coaches ask you for openness, transparency, and commitment to investing in and strengthening your marriage.