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March 29, 2020 | Written by Caitlin Garrett

In these days of social distancing and #stayathome we still need community. Connection is more important than ever before. In our regular, everyday lives when we face anxiety and uncertainty, we need our people to surround us with encouragement, prayer, care and support. And now when we’re all facing these things, ALL of us need our people.

It may be logistically a bit more difficult, but our commitment to the value of friendship and belonging at Pulpit Rock can thrive and be strengthened.

I happen to be doing a Lent study from Erin Moon through Ecclesiastes this season and it has been a doozy! I can’t even count how many times she’s hit the nail on the head, but the other day she shared a few things about friendship and community and it’s necessity in all times {Ecc. 4:9-12}. She said “A life lived in connection to others is the only way to stomach all this absurdity.”

And that’s just regular life; how much more could we possibly need it now?!

We don’t know how long these significant and necessary challenges to in person meeting and get togethers will last, but we can face them with some new ways of doing things. Perhaps you haven’t joined a group at Pulpit Rock yet or you didn’t have time in your schedule or you felt like you didn’t need to add to your circle of friends. Whatever the case may be, after days on end at home, you might just find yourself interested in a little more encouragement, prayer and support.

We are planning to launch our first ever, online only, virtual small group.

If you would be interested in finding and furthering your bond with some others during this time, and potentially ongoing into the future when we get back to “normalcy,” please let me know!

Now is not the time to muscle through on your own. As Sarah Bessey says ‘…togetherness warms us, lifts us up, wipes our tears, and tends to our bruises…’

For more information about the Virtual Small Group or to sign up, contact Caitlin.

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