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May 4, 2017 | Written by

In the hours leading up to the IF:Gathering 2017,  there was a growing peace and excitement. Food and décor and sound systems in place, at 6:30 PM when the doors opened to women in our city, I knew that we had done our part and our job now was to sit back and watch God show up and do His thing.

There is something so freeing when Jesus proves bigger than your small acts of service. When His words speak louder than a microphone and when His presence takes your breath away, you know you’re doing something right. More than any other year, IF:Gathering 2017 was all Him and He showed off.

As we move forward, we want to do a few things here.

First, we want to remind you.

At the Gathering, we heard things like:

“Do small things well.” –Jennie Allen
“You don’t need to build an organization, you need to love Jesus and give Him away to those around you.” –Jennie Allen
“Your job is to be obedient to God; His job is to do everything else” –Lysa TerKeurst
“Be about impact, rather than impression.” –Vivian Mabuni 
“You go where you’re sent, you stay where you’re put, and you give what you’ve got until you’re done.” –Jill Briscoe 

What are you remembering from the weekend still? What phrase or story or moment do you need to revisit with the Lord?

Second, we want to thank you.
Thank you for stepping into an unknown event with new women and for leading in your tables and in your conversations.
Thank you for taking off your masks and letting other women see you in your imperfections.
Thank you for being flexible with our assigned seating, trusting God is bigger and knows best.
Thank you for listening, crying, and laughing with us.
Thank you for allowing grace in little mistakes and things you didn’t like.
Thank you for sacrificing time away from your families.
And, thank you for partnering with us as a community of women who desire to see the best in each other.

Lastly, we want to encourage you to take a next step.
I’m not sure what you walked out of the IF:Gathering with. Maybe it was something a speaker said or a story from your table. Maybe it was friendship or the prodding from God to get back into community. Or, maybe it was the affirmation that you are enough and your small acts of faith are seen and good.

Whatever it is, we want you to know we are praying for you as you ask God for guidance and confidence.

Written by Janae Collins

If you would like more information on Women’s Ministry at Pulpit Rock, contact Diane Stermer.


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